Our History

Wichita Lodge # 99 was the very first Masonic Lodge in Wichita.

The first recorded permanent settlement in what is now Wichita was a collection of grass houses built in 1863 by the Wichita Indians. The native peoples were migrated to Indian Territory in 1867 to open the area for settlement.

The City of Wichita was incorporated on July 21st, 1870 as a Village.

Less than 30 days later, on August 18th, 1870 Morgan Cox, M. B. Kellogg, J.P. Allen, George E. Clark, Henry C. Sluss, George D'Amour, W.B. Hutchinson, C.M. Garrison, D.R.B. Greenlee, R.A. Neely, and C.W. Hill applied to Mystic Tie Lodge No. 74 of Augusta, Kansas for consent to establish a lodge at Wichita Kansas. Later, Morgan Cox and M.B. Kellogg made a trip to Augusta and proved themselves "qualified to perform the duties of Master and Senior Warden", and also "well qualified in Webb Work".

Consent was given by Augusta under the date of August 26th, 1870 and the Wichita Lodge was formed under dispensation, with the following officers:

Morgan Cox - Worshipful Master

M. B. Kellogg - Senior Warden

J.P. Allen - Junior Warden

C.W. Hill - Secretary

Charter from the Grand Lodge was granted under the date of October 11th, 1871

The first meeting was held in the loft of a livery stable near the South East corner of what is now Third and Main Streets. The furniture and fixtures including the Altar were goods boxes, and the first jewels of the officers were cut from scraps of metal by the men who wore them. These are still preserved in the archives of the Lodge.

Later the Lodge was moved to a two-story house built by Morgan Cox, then to the loft of a school house on the site of the present high school, then to what was known as the Eagle Hall on the South East corner of Main and Douglas. From there to what was known as the Court House Building on the North East corner of First and Main.

On February 22nd, 1883, they bought the site for a permanent home.